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Manufacturing process

There are three different processes for manufacturing of ACEMATT

ACEMATT® matting agents based on precipitated silica

The starting materials for the preparation of matting agents based on precipitated silica are silicate solutions from which amorphous silicas are precipitated by the addition of acid. After filtration, washing and drying the matting agent consists of SiO2, small quantities of water and, in some cases, an organic component. The two latter components are contained within the molecules as well as being physically bound to the surface.

ACEMATT® types of the OK Series are treated organically, while HK Series are not.

ACEMATT® matting agents based on fumed silicas

Silica can also be produced by the flame hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride in an oxygen-hydrogen flame (fumed silica). These silica are characterized by extremely small, spherical primary particles.The primary particles are not isolated but form larger aggregates and agglomerates.This produces high specific surfaces of between 50 and 500m2/g.These silica are structurally modified in specific processes.

ACEMATT® matting agents-organic two-phase polymer

ACEMATT® OP 278 is an organic two-phase polymer on an acrylate-systeme basis.

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